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Introducing NESCAFÉ GOLD Flat White

Introducing NESCAFÉ GOLD Flat White

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The flat white is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite beverages; the short, intense coffee is one of the fastest growing beverages within coffee shops and cafés and its popularity is only topped by the classic latte, cappuccino and americano. With this in mind, we at NESCAFÉ are delighted to announce our new addition to the NESCAFÉ GOLD Frothy range, the delicious flat white, carefully crafted with naturally sourced ingredients.
Introducing NESCAFÉ GOLD Flat White

Introducing our new Flat White…

Our new NESCAFÉ Gold Flat White is a coffee shop style flat white, only in a convenient sachet that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for a morning coffee or as an afternoon break, you’ll be met with intense, rich coffee flavour and a creamy, velvety milk texture in every sip.

What makes our flat white even dreamier is the fact it’s so easy to make. Simply pop the kettle on, add hot water to your sachet, stir and then sit back, relax and enjoy.
NESCAFÉ Gold Flat White

Made with only the best ingredients

Each of our wonderful flat white sachets are expertly crafted with only the best, responsibly sourced ingredients to bring you a coffee shop style experience at home. You’ll discover high-quality coffee that’s roasted to perfection, sugar, as well as fresh milk sourced from British dairy farmers, thanks to our partnership with First Milk.

The NESCAFÉ GOLD frothy coffee range

Our delicious NESCAFÉ GOLD Flat White joins our unforgettable frothy coffee range. Offering everything from classic cappuccinos and lattes to unique treats such as Irish lattes and toffee nut lattes, to our vegan friendly range, crafted with high quality plant-based dairy alternative.

No matter what you’re craving on your coffee break, you’ll find the perfect moment for you with the NESCAFÉ GOLD frothy coffee range.

Where to buy

Where to buy
You’ll be delighted to know that the new NESCAFÉ GOLD Flat White is available to buy across all major retailers. So next time you do your next big shop, why not treat yourself and add in a box?