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The Barista Guide To Non-Dairy

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Lots of people are swapping milk or cream in their coffee for dairy alternatives, but which is the best non-dairy for coffee? Here’s how they affect taste and texture, and a bit about how they’re made.

Find your favourite non-dairy drink

There’s such a huge variety of non-dairy drinks. One of them is sure to be right for you, but it might take some experimenting to narrow down your favourite.


  • Natural-tasting coffee: try some oat-based drinks, as they really can taste similar to dairy milk
  • Highly flavoured coffee: give almond-based drinks a go. You can use the almond flavour to create your very own nut-inspired taste
  • Lovely thick foam: go for almond- and oat-based drinks. Their particular blend of plant proteins build a strong foam that’s great for latte art
Find your favourite non-dairy drink

Which is best for latte art?

Traditionally, the foam that baristas create comes from the proteins in dairy milk. So, if you use a plant-based drink instead, the results will usually be different.

Baristas definitely prefer almond and oat drinks. But do take your time and do some experimenting. If you’re going to make latte art at home, we recommend trying several different drinks to find the one that foams best using your equipment.

Which is best for latte art
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