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NESCAFÉ AZERA x The Prince's Trust 2021

NESCAFÉ AZERA x The Prince's Trust 2021

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For the past 6 years we have partnered with the University for the Creative Arts to give students the chance to design our NESCAFÉ AZERA packaging.

Young people have been hardest hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, so there is a responsibility to support this generation in post-pandemic life. In 2021, NESCAFÉ AZERA donated £150,000 to the Prince’s Trust in order to directly help young people. We also launched a competition in collaboration with the Prince’s Trust to give 5 young people the chance to design our tins of coffee in addition to a cash prize. The idea behind this competition is to showcase the talent of young people supported by the Prince’s Trust on a national scale, and to help start them in their careers by giving them opportunities to network with industry experts.

Watch the winners' reaction and the idea behind their design below!
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NESCAFÉ AZERA x Kimberly McGregor

A positive boost for the mornings

"The reason behind this design is to produce a mental health boost whilst combating loneliness. The focus was to include many aspects that reflect me, the things that I am passionate about and the things that make me feel positive. I want to spark happiness and intrigue people when they see the tin, I want them to spend time looking for various illustrations they can see." - Kimberly
Nescafe Azera Design 2021 Positive Boost Winner Reveal
NESCAFÉ AZERA x Emma-Leigh Hayes


"Plants give me joy, clean my air, and reiterate that I have a purpose here. They need me, and that makes me so happy. They're like silent cheerleaders reminding me 'you can do it!' when the depression shadow whispers that I can’t." - Emma
Nescafe Azera Design 2021 Plants Winner Reveal

Go For It

"My design is full of motivational sticky notes, with the aim of giving you a burst of motivation to get you through the day, or to raise spirits in the morning! We all deserve to feel motivated, even when the world around us is crazy." - Kieran


"My design conveys the warmth felt when reaching out to connect with loved ones." - Lily
Nescafe Azera Design 2021 Connection Winner Reveal

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