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How To Master Your Coffee Morning Routine

How To Master Your Coffee Morning Routine

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Morning routines are a staple part of all and everyone’s lives. Whether you have a meticulous early morning routine, or it’s a case of getting up and getting out as quickly as possible. All morning routines deserve to have a morning coffee incorporated within them. So, why do we need to have a morning routine, and how can we make sure our coffee morning routine is better? Carry on reading to find out how.

Why do we need a morning routine?

We are creatures of habit and therefore gravitate towards the same routine day in and day out. Making sure to stick to and get used to your morning routine prepares you for the day that lies ahead. Routines allow us to build confidence in our abilities to handle tasks and challenges that may come our way. Of course, no morning routine is complete without an early morning coffee. Thus, making sure to master your morning coffee routine is important.

But how can incorporating coffee into our morning routine help set us up for the day? Carry on reading to find out how a morning coffee routine can be unique to you and how you can keep yours interesting.

Why do we need a morning routine?

Savour the moment


Sometimes morning routines can be hectic and especially when you’re up against time. But sometimes standing still for a moment and savouring that great taste of your Monday morning coffee, or any day for that matter, will help ensure your mornings get off to the best start.

It can be tempting to drink your cappuccino, or is espresso as quickly as possible, to get on with the morning. But drinking your caffeine without a moment to pause and think is a missed opportunity for a minute of peace and relaxation. A coffee morning routine is something to savour, even for a moment.



6 ways to make your morning coffee routine even better


Morning routines can become a bit repetitive, especially when sticking to the exact same routine, day in and day out, so here are some ways in which you can add a little bit of fun to your morning coffee routine.


1. Experiment with the way you have your morning coffee

One way to make your morning routine a little bit different is by changing the way you either make or drink your morning coffee. This can mean anything, from the way you brew your coffee, to the way you drink it.

Try having cold brew coffee, many of us are more used to drinking warm coffee in the mornings, however, don’t knock a cold brew until you try it. Cold brews are becoming ever more popular among the coffee society and produce a coffee flavour like no other. No matter what coffee roast you prefer, cold brew coffee is easy to make at home and will give you a satisfying morning brew.


2. Experiment with different brewing methods

here are many great ways to make coffee in the morning, and that is exactly why experimenting with them as part of your coffee morning routine is a great way to start your morning.

From the plunger method to slow brew, to Pour over, there are so many great methods that are worth getting up that little bit extra for in the morning.

Experiment with different brewing methods

3. Try adding new ingredients to your morning coffee


Of course, coffee can never be boring, but why not give your taste buds a bit of a surprise in the morning with a new ingredient? You don’t have to stray too far away from the usual to get something a little different, why not try adding some sugar-free coffee syrups like vanilla or hazelnut to your coffee?

Or add some extra spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, allspice and nutmeg which are all warm flavours that pair well with any coffee roast.


4. Try a plant-based milk alternative


Fancy something a little different? There are several plant-based milk alternatives that work well with coffee. Adding plant-based milk alternatives can also be a great way to change up your morning coffee routine.

Great tasting plant-based milk alternative options include:

  • • Oat
  • • Soy
  • • Almond
  • • Coconut
  • • Cashew


5. Add some chocolate to your coffee as a treat


Mornings are great with coffee, but why not take it up another level and add chocolate as an occasional treat? Much like a mocha, adding chocolate to your coffee creates an indulgent morning brew in seconds. Simply add some cocoa powder to any coffee of your choice, mix and there you have it!

6. Swap your old mugs for glasses

Everyone has their favourite go-to mug, which of course, is one of the most important parts of your coffee morning routine. However, your mug may not be the best way to maximise your coffee brewing efforts, thus not giving you the best possible morning brew.

Stainless steel coffee mugs retains the heat much longer, and you can also find a variety of different styles made from porcelain and ceramic. However, style and material aren’t the only things to consider, when getting a new mug. You should also consider the volume of your mug, the larger the mug, the more coffee it can hold!


There are of course other ways that may be more personal to you that you want to incorporate in your morning coffee routine, but non the less, the above ideas will be sure to give your morning routine that extra flare.


Want to gain some more inspiration on which coffee to incorporate into your early morning coffee into your routine? Look at our article on what coffees to have at certain times of the day, next.

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