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Responsible Coffee Sourcing FAQs



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Want to know how we make sure that our coffee is sourced responsibly? Find the answers to this and more below.


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What is the NESCAFÉ Plan and why do you do it?

Launched in 2010, the NESCAFÉ Plan is a tangible effort of how we Create Shared Value (CSV) in the coffee sector for farmers, communities and our planet and our commitment to continuously support responsible and increasingly sustainable value chains.


It focuses on making coffee farming a more attractive activity for the present and future generations of coffee farmers, as well as improving the environmental footprint of both coffee farming and our own operations.

How do you make sure that your coffee is sourced responsibly?

The key elements are supply chain transparency and traceability, and an independent and credible third-party process to check that the right social and environmental conditions are in place. We work with partners to monitor and track where our coffee comes from and work directly with our suppliers and farmers to improve sourcing practices.

Does a “Grown Respectfully” labelled product contain 100% responsibly sourced coffee?

All NESCAFÉ products labelled “Grown Respectfully” on pack do not contain necessarily 100% responsibly sourced coffee but they must have a high content of responsibly sourced coffee

If a NESCAFÉ product doesn’t have a “Grown Respectfully” label, can we still trust that the coffee inside is responsibly sourced?

All NESCAFÉ products labelled “Grown Respectfully” on pack must have a high content of responsibly sourced coffee. Products without the “Grown Respectfully” logo may still use some responsibly sourced coffee, but contain a higher proportion of conventionally sourced coffee.

What does 4C-verified mean?

4C is an independent verification system. It is the common code of conduct for the coffee community to ensure that voluntary sustainable standards are embedded in the coffee supply chain.


The 4C Code of Conduct is based on 10 unacceptable practices:


  1. child labour

  3. forced labour

  5. trafficking in persons

  7. prohibiting trade unions

  9. forced evictions

  11. inadequate housing

  13. lack of access to potable water

  15. deforestation

  17. the inappropriate use of certain pesticides

  19. corruption & bribery

    It is also comprised of a set of 27 principles covering economic, social and environmental topics.

Why is Nestlé using mostly 4C verification and not other, more famous, certifications like Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade?

There are different approaches to supporting farmers in their sustainability journey. Certification is one route and the sustainability standards developed around this can play a positive role in that journey. However, in view of our high volume and presence, certification alone is not capable to meet the scale and origin-availability that our business requires, particularly given that our ambition to use fully responsibly sourced coffee, all around the world.

What makes Nestlé’s responsible sourcing program for coffee better than others?

The NESCAFÉ Plan has several components and responsible sourcing is just one element of it. Through the responsible sourcing programme, we want to ensure that farmers are following a set of practices and behaviours which are in line with our business principles and ethics.


The scope of the NESCAFÉ Plan goes beyond the responsible sourcing scheme or any certification or verification standard.

How do you ensure that there is no child labour in your coffee value chain?

Nestlé believes child labour has no place in its supply chain and we are firmly committed to preventing and addressing child labour wherever it occurs in our supply chain. Tackling child labour is a shared responsibility. We are working with all stakeholders including verification bodies to address it.

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