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Find out all you need to know about our delicious NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee range. Read on to find the answers to your questions.


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How do I make a NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee?

Each cup has a velvety froth and a delicious taste that will take your coffee break to the next level. Simply pour your sachet into a glass, add cold water, stir, and relax. We recommend our Iced coffees are best served with ice.

Is NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee made with fresh milk?

Yes, NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee is made with fresh milk.

How do I store NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee?

Please store your NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced coffee in a cool and dry place. A kitchen worktop or cupboard is an ideal place!

How many sachets are in a NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee box?

There are 7 deliciously refreshing iced coffees in each box.

Is NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee packaging recyclable?

Both the NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Cappuccino and Salted Caramel Latte’s boxes are recyclable, however unfortunately the coffee sachets are currently non-recyclable. Nestlé continues to work towards a fully recyclable option in the future.

Where can I buy NESCAFE GOLD Iced Coffee?

Our NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee range is available to buy online and in store across major retailers.

Will more flavours be added to the NESCAFÉ GOLD Iced Coffee range?

There is always the possibility of new flavours as we are always exploring new trends and ideas for exciting new products in the future.

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