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Coffee beans with the Nescafé accent on them

Refill 150g FAQs



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Where can I recycle my refill pack?
You can recycle this refill pack at more than 5,000 supermarkets across the country. Details of collection locations can be found by searching for ‘Soft Plastics’ in the Recycle Now Locator. In the Republic of Ireland, flexible plastics can now be placed in household recycling for collection at kerbside. 
I can’t find this pack on - what should I search for?
Once on the website – type ‘soft plastics’ and add your Postcode to discover your local recycling facility.
What is my refill pack made of?
The refill pack is a soft plastic ‘PO structure’ which allows them to be recycled in store – unlike our previous PET/Alumnium packs.
Have you changed your refill pack?
Yes, the current NESCAFÉ refill packs launched in 2022. It is made of a new soft plastic material which is recyclable in store, reduces our packaging impact and can be re-sealed if you have coffee left over!
How is the refill pack better than coffee glass jars?
Our glass jars and refill packs are designed to be used together – so they are both great options. Our glass jars are fully recyclable whereas our refill packs use 60% plastic and are 97% lighter.* *150g refill pack vs 200g jar
Is this using more plastic in comparisons to the glass jar?
Our refill packs use on average 60% less virgin plastic than the jar’s lid (per gram of coffee).* *150g refill pack vs 200g jar
Can I keep my coffee in the pouch without going stale?
You can reseal your NESCAFÉ refill pack to keep your coffee fresh.
Why is this pack not recyclable kerbside?
Currently, the UK infrastructure doesn’t have the capability to recycle soft plastic. NESCAFÉ continue to find ways to limit the impact of our refill packs with the aim of removing 1/3 of virgin plastic from our supply chain by 2025 and introducing packs that are recyclable at store. In The Republic of Ireland, the refill packs are recyclable kerbside.
What happens to my refill pack once I have been dropped it off at a supermarket?
In most cases, the front of store bin is emptied and stored until it is transported to a distribution centre. There it will be baled and stored again until it is collected by a waste management, sorter or recycling company for sorting then recycling. Materials that can’t be recycled may be sent to another recycler or to waste to be turned into energy.