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Skip Password FAQs

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We’ve introduced Skip Password to make registration and sign in easier. Here we provide answers to some of the common questions about this service.


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What is "Skip Password"?

It’s a widget that allows you to register and sign in to our NESCAFÉ UK & Ireland website without a password. This feature is developed by a company called OwnID. OwnID works with Nestlé to safeguard consumer personal data on various online platforms such as the NESCAFÉ website.

How does it work?

Just like your key unlocks your home, your smartphone becomes the digital key to unlock the NESCAFÉ website you visit to register and/or sign in. 

What type of smartphone do I need for this service?

More and more smartphones like the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel are using biometric authentication features like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition as a secure, quick and convenient way to unlock the phone alongside a PIN, password or secure key. 

Why should I use this service?

It is optional and you can still register and sign in to the NESCAFÉ UK & Ireland website in the normal way with your email address and password. However, people forget passwords, but rarely forget their smartphones. Using the “Skip Password” functionality enables you to use your smartphone as a key to instantly log in to the NESCAFÉ website.

I've already registered on the website with a password and will use "Skip Password" for the first time to sign in. What will happen?

Our website will send you a code to your email to verify the ownership of the account as a one-time action. Once the account ownership is verified, you will be logged in and you can use "Skip Password" for subsequent sign ins in addition to the traditional password option.

Is this stronger than a password?

The key used to sign you in is created and stored only on your smartphone and is fully encrypted. Using your smartphone to sign in reduces the risk of unauthorised access. We also protect your account using your device locking mechanism (Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint).

My phone doesn't support the biometric locking mechanism. Can I use the "Skip Password" feature?

Yes, you can use the "Skip Password" feature. If your phone does not support a biometric locking mechanism, we will send you an email with a verification code. As soon as you type the code on your phone, you will be logged in.

Is OwnID processing my personal data?

No, not all. OwnID does not store or share any personal data. 

Do I need to download an app?

No, OwnID is a web-based application that runs in your browser. It is supported across all major browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Is this just when registering or signing into the NESCAFÉ website on my mobile?

No, you can use a desktop PC or laptop with this service, but you will need your smartphone to scan a QR code and complete the process. 

How long will this take me to set up?

It’s really quick and is a lot simpler than having to remember a complicated password. So, the next time you sign in, we will recognise your phone and instantly sign you in. 

What happens if I lose my phone or it gets stolen?

If you lose your phone, you can recover your account using the existing account recovery option on the Sign In page on the NESCAFÉ website. You will have the opportunity to associate a new smartphone to your account or set a password on your account to recover the access.

Is OwnID free?

Yes, OwnID is completely free. We’ve added this as a service to the NESCAFÉ website to make it easier for you to register and/or sign in.

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