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Sustainability tips

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NESCAFÉ sustainability tips

If we all make small changes they can have a bigger impact than we might think.  Multiplied by millions of coffee drinkers, every cup (or travel cup), becomes an opportunity to help make a difference. Discover below a few sustainability tips that can help reduce your environmental impact.

NESCAFÉ smart flask next to a jar of coffee (Not available in Europe)
Tip 1: A smarter way to takeaway

By swapping your disposable cup with a reusable coffee cup* you can reduce waste by filling it with your favourite NESCAFÉ coffee again and again. Inspire your colleagues at work and friends and family when out and about.

*Image for illustrative purposes, not available in Europe.

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Tip 2: No need to boil to brew

The best temperature for NESCAFÉ is 80 ºC not 100 ºC. It's better for the flavour and switching off your kettle before it boils also saves energy. Did you know boiling a whole kettle three times a day uses approximately 110kWh of electricity a year?

By heating water to just 80ºC each time, you could save 22kWh each year, enough to power a 50” LED TV for 1,375 hours! Next time you heat water, take it off the boil just as the bubbles appear.  Also always try to just fill your kettle with the water you need.  It makes a better cup and can help reduce your environmental impact.

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“NESCAFE's lightweight refill pouches use 97% less packaging weight than our NESCAFE 200g glass jars meaning you can keep refilling your glass jar using less packaging.”

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Tip 3: A better tomorrow is in your hands

It might take a small extra step, but recycling can make a difference. Did you know that recycling your glass NESCAFÉ jar saves up to 670kg of CO2e for every ton of recycled glass used*?  Not to mention it uses less virgin glass materials. So, when it comes to recycling, a little really can go a long way.

*Fédération Européenne du Verre d’Emballage, Brussels (FEVE) figure.

NESCAFÉ soft pack of coffee
Tip 4: Help your jar live again

Refilling your coffee jar is easy and uses less packaging. With our refill pouches, you can keep reusing your jar time and time again. It is 100% of the same great coffee in our pouches! With NESCAFÉ’s refill pouches, you can refill your glass jars with 97% less packaging weight per gram of coffee, compared to our NESCAFÉ Gold Blend 200g jar. Your small action really can help make a difference. Just remember to wash and dry your jar before each time you refill it.

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