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Understanding Coffee

¿De dónde viene el café?

Read our expert guide to find out where coffee is grown, the types of coffee beans and the most important roasting processes.

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El café requiere las condiciones adecuadas

Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries around the so-called "Coffee Belt", in areas that have the perfect combination of altitude, soil and climate. 
You may have never stopped to think about where coffee comes from, but its origin can tell you a lot about the flavor of each cup.
There are three major regions where all the coffee consumed in the world is grown, and each one offers different notes and nuances. African coffee, for example, has totally different characteristics from coffee grown in Latin America or Asia. Knowing this, you can find the coffee that best suits you.

Los diferentes sabores que nos ofrecen las distintas regiones

    • África

      Africa is the country where coffee was born and where it has been cultivated and produced for much longer than anywhere else. African coffee beans offer intense sophistication that make them a favorite with many coffee drinkers.


      African coffee characteristics:

      • Good body
      • Medium acidity
      • Medium to dark roast
    • Latinoamérica

      Latin America is the largest coffee producer in the world with two of its most important regions: Brazil and Colombia. Coffee is grown in all the jungles of Central and South America, as well as in the Caribbean. 


      Characteristics of Latin American coffee:

      • Nuances of nuts
      • Low acidity
      • Light to medium roast
    • Asia

      The third most important region as a coffee producer includes the countries of Indonesia, Vietnam, other parts of Southeast Asia and some Pacific islands. As in the other two regions, Asian coffee beans have a different taste and different characteristics.


      Asian coffee characteristics:

      • Certain earthy notes
      • Low acidity
      • Dark roast
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    Conoce cada grano de café

    Coffee beans are actually the seeds of coffee cherries. Cherries are not edible, but the kernels inside them are full of flavor. 
    Each variety of coffee tree has a unique and distinctive flavor. There are more than 120 varieties, but most of the coffee we drink comes from Arabica or Robusta coffee, or a mixture of both.


    Arabica coffee beans were the first to be cultivated. Being a delicate plant, it needs to be grown in mountainous regions with moderate rainfall and constant temperatures. This coffee tree is more difficult to grow and can be quite expensive to harvest.


    How to recognize an Arabica coffee

    • Softer
    • Sweeter
    • A more intense flavor
    • With fruity nuances
    • Less caffeine


    Robusta coffee, as the name suggests, is more robust in many respects. The plant is cultivated and produces fruits at a lower altitude, and is more resistant to climatic variations and diseases. Therefore, its collection is easier.


    How to recognize a Robusta coffee

    •   Stronger
    •   Taste a bit bitter
    •   With nuances of nuts
    •   Best cream in espresso
    •   More caffeine and antioxidants

    ¿Por qué se tuesta el café?

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      El toque final está en la taza

      Once the beans have been grown, picked, and roasted, what happens next is just as important if you want to find your perfect cup of coffee.

      Descubre más acerca de cómo se prepara el café