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Nescafe Kopi Kedah


Quotes from Kedah farmers in the NESCAFÉ Grown Respectfully Programme

  • “The new coffee seedlings provided by Nestlé are identical to the mother plant. With this, the coffee beans harvested from my farm are expected to increase significantly!”

    Romlah binti Hamid, 64 - Kedah

  • “Through the wedge grafting technique and rejuvenation of old coffee trees method taught by Nestlé, my coffee trees are able to thrive. With increased potential to produce quality fruits, this will provide lucrative income.”

    Che Nai bin Hassan, 65 - Kedah

  • “The reciprocal crop system between coffee and cash crops pioneered by Nestlé has helped me generate continuous income throughout the year, alongside receiving my year-end bonus from the coffee production. I am grateful to be a part of this programme.”

    Mazlan bin Isa, 52 - Kedah 

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