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Essential Coffee Accessories

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Your morning cup of coffee at home or your coffee at work has never tasted better with the help of our list of essential coffee accessories.

Whether you struggle to drink your coffee whilst it's still warm, always grab one as you run out of the door, or spill it every time you're on the go, there's a coffee gadget to make your life that little bit easier. We have listed 8 of the coolest coffee accessories out there that you just need for your instant coffee.

1. The Mug


The first step in enjoying your favourite NESCAFÉ coffee is choosing the perfect coffee cup. There are insulated coffee glasses that keep the temperature of your coffee warmer for longer, self-stirring mugs to beat the morning slog, personalised mugs to show off your personality, giant mugs to make your coffee last longer and the list goes on.


And, for those who want to sip their coffee on the go there’s travel mugs too! If you’re like us, and want to also do your bit for the planet, there are glass keep cups and glass reusable coffee cups, or if you need something sturdier, there are plenty of coffee flasks that not only allow you to take your coffee with you wherever you go but they also preserve the temperature of your coffee. Some coffee flasks even have USB ports, allowing them to be charged in your car. For those who need their coffee fix whilst travelling, camping or maybe even at a festival, look no further than the pop-up coffee cup. Its compact design makes it easier to carry around with you.


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2. The Milk Frother


Feel like a professional barista with a milk frother. From cappuccinos to lattes, you can impress your guests or indulge in the perfect cup of coffee by frothing milk and adding it to your favourite NESCAFÉ coffee.



3. Stainless steel coffee stirrers


Stir your coffee in style. Reusable and a nice touch to your kitchen utensils, stainless steel coffee stirrers make a fancy addition to any dinner party or for guests visiting too.



4. Measuring spoon


Perfectly measure out your NESCAFÉ coffee with handy measuring spoons. Whether you want a stronger coffee or a more diluted afternoon treat, a measuring spoon can ensure you put the right amount of coffee in your cup.



5. Condiment organiser


If you’re keen for keeping everything in its place and are super organised, a condiment organiser is for you. You can have everything ready on hand to make your perfect cup of coffee. It’s easy to bring out for guests too!



6. Mug warmer


Never waste a cup of coffee again with a mug warmer. Usually small and portable, you never have to worry about forgetting about your coffee. Within minutes, it will feel and taste like a fresh cup.



7. Iced Coffee Maker


Turn your favourite NESCAFÉ instant coffee into a cool, summer treat with an iced coffee maker. Simply make your instant coffee as normal, add to an iced coffee maker and within minutes, your coffee will be icy cold. Iced coffee makers also stop your coffee from being over-diluted from simply pouring coffee over ice.



8. Portable coffee cup holder


There is a coffee cup holder for just about anywhere these days! Ones for the car, ones for your bike, and even coffee cup holders for your suitcase. Wherever you go, whatever journey you’re on, your favourite NESCAFÉ cup of coffee can be with you.


That’s our list of top 8 coffee accessories and gadgets every coffee lover needs. If you want to find out what coffee gadgets are out there for travellers, check out our article on essential coffee travel accessories, next.

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