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Coffee Bean Art Ideas

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Wondering what to do with that leftover bag of coffee beans you’ve got sitting in the cupboard? Why not have a go at creating some truly unique coffee bean art? Not only is it a fantastic way to give your beans a new lease of life, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your love of coffee by hanging it all over your home. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or complete beginner, we’ve got inspiration for you to get cracking on your coffee bean artwork.

Getting started with coffee bean art


All you’ll need to get started on your first coffee bean art project is:

  • • A large clear surface, either a big piece of quality paper, or maybe even a canvas will do nicely
  • • Coffee beans
  • • Glue – hot glue works best, but you’ll need to be careful to not burn your fingers!

Coffee bean artwork ideas

There are loads of things you can do with coffee beans and the best thing is it’s a relatively cheap medium to create with. Here’s some fun and simple ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Coffee beans world map art

1. Words or names


If you’re a complete beginner, having a go with words or names is a great way to ease yourself into the new world of coffee bean art. Try positioning the beans to spell out your name in block writing or, if you’re up for more of a challenge, try writing it out in a flowing script instead. To make it easier, you can write in pencil first and use the lines as a guide.



2. Maps


Another good project if you’re just starting out is to have a go at outlining countries with coffee beans. Start with one country with a clearly identifiable shape, then if you fancy it, you can keep going. Who knows? Maybe you’ll create a whole world map out of coffee beans!



3. Animals


If you consider yourself more of an advanced artist, animal coffee bean art could be just the challenge you’re after. As with the countries, it’s best to pick an animal with an easily identifiable outline like an owl, cat or even a rabbit. Don’t be afraid to get really creative with it and bring in additional mediums to create interesting effects, think about using cups of coffee for eyes or even metal straws for whiskers – let your imagination run wild!



4. Use coffee beans to add textures


Of course, you don’t have to make your entire piece out of coffee beans, but you could also use them to create focal points and textures. Paint people and use the beans for their hair or even trees and use the beans to create highly textured bark in rich coffee hues. If you can think it, you can create it with your coffee bean art.



5. Decorate picture frames


Commonly macaroni is used to decorate picture frames, but why not mix things up and use coffee beans instead? These will provide a real statement and it’s surprisingly easy to do too! If you have kids, you can get them involved and have fun creating interesting shapes, try creating cute flower shapes using the beans!



That’s our guide to creating coffee bean artwork. Looking for more fun coffee art ideas and guides? Check out our guide on coffee painting for beginners, next.

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