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Top Coffee Flavours & Syrups

Top Coffee Flavours and Syrups

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Once in a while, it’s nice to mix up the traditional taste of coffee. Flavoured coffees have become increasingly popular, especially at home, with more and more trying to recreate the coffee shop style experience, without the expensive price tag.

Whether you want to make your coffee sweeter or simply want a more mellow taste, different coffee syrup flavours can transform the taste of your everyday coffee. That’s why we’ve explored our favourite types of coffee flavours and syrups you can add to your coffee.

1. Caramel

A popular choice and ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Caramel, as a coffee flavour, is starting to show up on many coffee shop menus. We have the caramel macchiato, caramel latte and caramel cappuccino as the staple ones. A twist on the caramel coffee flavour is of course, salted caramel, equally as sweet, with a hint of saltiness.


2. Vanilla

You’ve probably heard of the vanilla latte, so it will come as no surprise that another widely popular coffee flavour is vanilla. It’s versatile as it can be strong or more subtle and can be perfectly paired with other coffee flavours, particularly nut-based ones.


3. Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? Anything chocolate flavoured goes down a treat for us, so it's no wonder it’s made our top coffee syrup flavours list. Chocolate and coffee are both very distinctive flavours that just complement each other beautifully. The most famous chocolate coffee is of course the mocha, but chocolate syrups can be added to lattes and cappuccinos too.


4. Hazelnut

Roasted nutty, yet slightly sweet. Hazelnut has a rich, strong and very distinctive taste. A hazelnut coffee syrup flavour is perfect for those who like sweet treats such as cakes or biscuits.


5. Toffee

A toffee coffee flavour is rich, buttery and sweet. This coffee syrup flavour really is an indulgent treat and it’s sure to please any lover of the caramelised confection.


6. Cinnamon

Particularly popular in wintertime and around the festive period, this slightly spiced coffee flavour will be sure to warm you straight through. Cinnamon and coffee complement each other well and you’ll often see cinnamon lattes popping up on coffee shop menus around this time of year.


7. Mint

Mint coffee syrup flavours add a soft, refreshing hint to your brew, and whilst mint was previously served on the side of your coffee drink, you will often see mint americanos, mochas (as chocolate and mint are also a great combination), lattes and cappuccinos on the menu now.


8. Raspberry

For those who fancy something a little fruitier. A raspberry coffee syrup flavour is sweet and packed full of flavour, but it’s also not too overpowering. As fruity teas became increasingly popular, it was only a matter of time before fruit coffees came our way.


9. Gingerbread

Another seasonal favourite that tastes just like Christmas. Gingerbread lattes and cappuccinos are in exceptionally high demand, particularly during the festive period. The warmth from the ginger flavour and the added sweetness will give you a warm, well-rounded coffee that’s just perfect on a winter’s day.


10. Coconut

You either love it or hate it. A coconut coffee flavour will make your coffee taste mild, sweet, creamy, with a subtly nutty note. Coconut lattes and cappuccinos are becoming increasingly popular as more people look for milk alternatives to pair with their coffee.


There are so many coffee syrups flavours out there, so why not explore and experiment with them yourself to see what tickles your taste buds and discover what would make your top coffee flavour list?


Now we’ve explored different types of coffee flavours, let’s take a look at the different types of coffee cups.

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