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Top 10 Coffee Gifts For Him

Top 10 Coffee Gifts For Him

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Knowing what to buy men can be a tricky decision to make. However, if you have a coffee-loving man in your life, then NESCAFÉ have the perfect gift options for you. Whether he is your brother, dad, best friend, cousin or boyfriend these coffee presents for him will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Coffee is the perfect way to start the day for many coffee lovers, which is why this list of coffee gifts for him are a great choice for any occasion.

Top 10 coffee gifts for him


It can sometimes be challenging to buy a gift for men, especially when they have everything they could possibly need! But coffee lovers appreciate nothing more than a coffee-inspired gift.


1. Hand-held coffee grinder


If the male in your life likes to grind his morning coffee and enjoys the methodical process of making a fresh brew, then freshly ground coffee will be the number one thing on his mind. You can get electric or manual hand-held coffee grinders. However, electric coffee grinders are not great to be used with speciality coffee, this is because of the different coffee bean sizes, resulting in a brew that can be over or under-extracted.


2. Reusable coffee cup


This is a great coffee gift for those men that tend to prefer a grab-and-go coffee on the way to work. There are so many options out there, you’re sure to find one he’ll love. This makes it easier to find the perfect one, from clip-on to screw-on lids, you can even purchase personalised cups too!


3. Coffee Bucket-list scratch poster


We all know that there are quite a few coffees in the coffee world, and some of them are a little underappreciated compared to the likes of a latte, cappuccino and espresso. That is why a scratch poster is a great original gift to get your coffee-loving counterpart. Full of interesting and a variety of coffees, this gives them an opportunity to try different coffees, and maybe even find a new favourite flavour!

4. Coffee containers

These are essential for any coffee connoisseur. These are such a staple in the coffee world, that they were being used before the coffee bag was created. They make a great coffee gift for him, especially if he tends to get through a lot of coffee, or just likes to keep his ground coffee as fresh as possible.

Coffee containers

5. Ceramic mugs


Coffee tastes better in a stylish mug. There are now plenty of different coffee cups out there that come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Stylish ceramic mugs are a great coffee gift idea for him, especially if he enjoys brewing high-quality coffee.


6. Cafetiere


This may seem like an obvious choice; however, some people hold onto their cafetieres for a lifetime. So, if you think their utensils could do with a bit of an upgrade, this is a great place to start. There are many new models out there to choose from, and cafetieres are known for making the perfect coffee with little effort.

7. Coffee books

If you notice they are after a bit more coffee education, then why not get them a book all about coffee? There are plenty of coffee-specific books out there that are full of insightful and impactful facts about coffee. This is a great coffee gift for him, to help them gain more knowledge and understanding about the coffee beans they love.


8. A coffee experiences


Coffee is more than just a great beverage. It is also an experience. There are many coffee-inspired experiences that can be gifted, such as tickets to a coffee festival, coffee-tasting classes, coffee brewing classes or even taking them out to a themed café.


9. Flavoured coffee gift set


Flavoured coffee is a relatively new concept, first introduced in Chicago in 1979, flavoured coffee has been experimented with ever since. This coffee gift set for him is a great way to introduce them to new and popular coffee flavours that they may otherwise not think to try. Flavours include cinnamon, ginger, lemon, Amaretto, Java, and Matcha.


10. Coffee wall art


If you want to give the gift of quirkiness, then this is a perfect choice! Not many people know that coffee isn’t just used for drinking, but it’s also used to create great works of art, too. From maps to animals, artists use coffee beans to create unique pieces of art. So, for a more personalised coffee gift for him, why not take a look at having some coffee art created?


There are of course plenty of other coffee gift ideas for him that will be cherished. Coffee gift sets and subscriptions are another great gift idea for anyone! When making a decision on what to buy a coffee lover, it is always a good idea to take a look at their coffee consumption habits, as well as their day-to-day schedules.


If you are really stuck on what to buy for someone who is a big coffee fanatic, a voucher for their favourite coffee shop is another great option too!


That is the end of our gifting guide for coffee lovers’ gift ideas for him, if you want some more coffee gifting inspiration, take a look at our coffee gifts for her, next.

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