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Top 10 Coffee Instagram Accounts To Follow

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We live in a world where social media plays such a pivotal role in our lives. We check Instagram for new places to visit, things to try, reviews, and recommendations. So, if you love coffee, there’s no wonder you’ll want to see pretty coffee images popping up on your feed and will want to follow the best coffee accounts on Instagram.

We’ve come up with a list of the 10 best coffee Instagram accounts that will provide you with the most inspiring coffee images, because let’s face it, we all love coffee!

What are coffee Instagram accounts?


Coffee Instagram accounts are profiles, or pages, that allow you to keep up to date on all the latest coffee know-hows. You get a daily dose of your favourite coffee drinks, and can discover new ones along the way. Some may also give you a more in depth look to what actually goes on behind the scenes in coffee business operations.



How can I start my own coffee Instagram account?


There are millions of Instagram accounts out there, and you may be wondering how you can get your love for coffee on Instagram, so that you can share your wonderful coffee creations, or just post coffee inspired pictures.


This is how you can do it. Download the Instagram app and follow the steps to setting up your new account. Choose a catchy Instagram name or as they call it, handle. One that you want to be known for. This will be displayed publicly, so choose wisely!


Then you will be prompted to add a profile photo, which can be personal to you and your coffee Instagram account. Then, you can get posting! Make your captions as memorable and as interesting as possible to make sure your followers love them too.



Top 10 coffee Instagram accounts to follow

Photo credit: @coffeeandseasons

1. Coffee and Seasons: @coffeeandseasons

A truly beautiful Instagram account. Coffee and Seasons is a Parisian account created by @clangart and @marieinmay. They post elegant and timeless coffee images set on backdrops of different flowers and blooms to symbolise the season. One of the best coffee accounts on Instagram.

 Flowers and a coffee on book pages
Photo credit: @booksandbeans

2. Books and Beans: @booksandbeans

For the coffee lovers and the book lovers. Books and Beans was set up by literature professor Etaf Rum, who started the Instagram account to inspire her students to read. She claims that she rarely reads without a cup of coffee in her hands, and this we can relate to. Not only does this account show us lovely coffee images, but you'll have a few book recommendations too, what’s not to like about our second choice for best coffee accounts on Instagram?

 A latte and an open book
Photo credit: @bernulia

3. Bernulia: @bernulia

"My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life”. Bernulia quotes this on her Instagram account, which make sense as lots of her posts are of art made from a morning espresso. This stunning coffee art is sure to make your morning coffee come alive.

 Coffee art
Photo credit: @thecoffeenomad

4. The Coffee Nomad: @thecoffeenomad

Erica Brianna is a professional coffee traveller and she posts coffee images from all over the world. She explores different cafes, as well as posting images with a view, so you’ll get your travel fix as well as your coffee fix. We all love a travel Instagram account and with the added extra of coffee abroad this was a no brainer to add to our best coffee Instagram accounts list.

 Coffee and some flowers
Photo credit: @coffeecupsoftheworld

5. Coffee Cups of the World: @coffeecupsoftheworld

This coffee Instagram account is exactly what it says. They post different coffee cups from cafes around the world. This account showcases some of the most creative coffee cups you will have ever seen! And is exactly why we had to consider it as one best coffee Instagram accounts list.

A coffee cup being held up
Photo credit: @driftmag

6. Drift: @driftmag

Drift is a print magazine devoted entirely to coffee culture. This Instagram account is a digital snapshot of their magazine. "Each issue takes us to a different city as we discover what makes a city's coffee scene tick".

 A coffee in a café
Photo credit: @coffeecakescafe

7. Coffee Cakes Cafe: @coffeecakescafe

A truly stunning account of coffee related artwork that will brighten up your feed. This lovely artwork is so original and impressively visual, with paper cut outs making the art come to life. You may even find a café recommendation too!

 A coffee on a counter
Photo credit: @thetrendybarista

8. The Trendy Barista: @thetrendybarista

Coffee images and videos like you've never seen before. This coffee Instagram account will fill your feed with creative coffees that you will just crave.

 Latte art
Photo credit: @bestoflatteart

9. Best of Latte Art: @bestoflatteart

This coffee Instagram account is all about latte art. These short videos are truly inspiring as they show all kinds of patterns, as well as a variety of techniques the baristas use to create different designs with the milk.

Making latte art in a coffee cup

10. Coffee Sesh: @coffeesesh

An educational Instagram account on all things coffee, including barista techniques for beginners. You will find a mix of links to informational articles, coffee memes, and coffee images of creative latte art from all around the world. There’s no better option for our best coffee Instagram accounts list than one that combines coffee and education!

We hope you love these coffee Instagram accounts as much as we do! Whatever coffee images you are after to liven up your feed, you’ll be sure to find it with these favourites.


Looking for more fun coffee content? Why not check out our coffee dictionary and learn all about our favourite coffee words from Arabica to Zambia!

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