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Coffee and Travel


Coffee enriches any adventure. There’s no better way to travel than by paying a visit to independent coffee shops and sampling the different coffee flavours of the world. Not only is it a truly great experience to sample the various takes on the beverage, but coffee shops are at the heart of many cultures, offering a great opportunity to really learn about the locals and their way of life. With all this in mind, why not plan your next trip centred around coffee?

We’ve got guides to some of the coffee hotspots of the world and what to expect from each. Read on and find out which destinations you’ll be adding to your bucket list.

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Europe - Coffee Hotspots

  • Italian Coffee and Culture

    Italian coffee is world renowned for its superior taste, but how does the culture differ from the rest of the world? 

  • Austrian Coffee and Culture

    A land of palaces and some of the oldest and most ornate coffee houses, Austria is a coffee hotspot that belongs on your bucket-list.

  • French Coffee and Culture

    French coffee is a culture in its own right. Discover the most common types of French coffee & where the infamous French café culture came from. 

  • Spanish Coffee and Culture

    Spain is famed for its intense and rich brews - but are you familiar with the different types of Spanish coffee and the country's coffee history? 

  • German Coffee and Culture

    German coffee has a rich history that’s bursting with fascinating facts. Discover the unique coffee types that have been created in this coffee hotspot.

  • Greek Coffee and Culture

    The people of Greece adore their coffee and it's wound its way into many aspects of their daily lives.

  • Turkish Coffee and Culture

    Turkish coffee has been a huge part of the country's culture for centuries, and the coffee they create is far different from your average brew.

  • Swedish Coffee and Culture

    Sweden is one of the top 3 coffee consumers in the whole world, but their history with the beverage isn't all roses.

  • Portuguese Coffee and Culture

    Famous for its seafood dishes, beaches & architecture, Portugal is home to the Portuguese Robusta coffee. Discover more about Portuguese coffee culture.

Americas - Coffee Hotspots

  • Cuban Coffee and Culture

    The Cuban coffee culture is unlike anywhere else in the world and it's commonly known as a vehicle for socialisation.

  • Brazilian Coffee and Culture

    Brazil is widely known for their huge impact in the coffee world, but did you know that it's a big part of daily life too? 

  • Mexican Coffee and Culture

    Mexico is a land with a diverse landscape that's perfect for growing coffee beans. Find out about the origins of Mexican coffee and the different types.

  • Peruvian Coffee and Culture

    Peru is the 10th largest coffee producer in the world and the blends it produces are famed for their smooth flavour. 

  • Guatemalan Coffee and Culture

    Guatemala is home to some of the best coffee growing conditions thanks to its rich volcanic soil and high rainfall.

  • Costa Rican Coffee and Culture

    Costa Rica is world renowned when it comes to coffee growing and its climate is perfect for Arabica varietals.

  • Jamaican Coffee and Culture

    Jamaica produces some of the most notable specialty coffee in the world, but its past hasn't always been so rosy.

  • Colombian Coffee and Culture

    Famous for its rich heritage, and diverse landscapes, Colombia is home to some of the world’s most specialty coffee.

  • New Orleans Coffee and Culture

    World-renowned for distinctive music, Creole cuisine, unique dialects & annual festivals, New Orleans is also home to a rich coffee heritage.

  • American Coffee and Culture

    Respected for its rich history, film, music industry and collection of unique & historic monuments, America is also home to unique coffee culture. Discover more.

Asia - Coffee Hotspots

  • Vietnamese Coffee and Culture

    Vietnam is infamous for its beautiful scenery, cultural heritage & war history, as well as its bitterly sharp and strong flavoured coffee. 

  • Indonesian Coffee and Culture

    Indonesia is one of the top five coffee bean producers and exporters in the world. 

  • Malaysian Coffee and Culture

    Malaysia is a country of bustling cities and ancient rainforests, and it's also home to some truly strong-tasting coffee!

  • Japanese Coffee and Culture

    Known for its delicate teas, it may surprise you to know that Japan is one of the world's hidden coffee gems. Learn about the art of Japanese coffee here.

  • Korean Coffee and Culture

    Renowned for K-pop, kimchi, and steeped in rich Buddhist culture, South Korea is home to the famous Dalgona Coffee. learn all you need to know about South Korean coffee.

  • Indian Coffee and Culture

    Famous for the Taj Mahal, its diverse culture and Bollywood, India is home to the world-famous Monsoon Malabar coffee. Learn all about Indian coffee here.

  • Chinese Coffee and Culture

    Famous for its architectural wonders, China is home to more than just tea and temples, it is home to the famous YuanYang coffee drink. Find out more here.

  • Yemini Coffee and Culture

    Yemen is a place often overlooked when it comes to the interesting and lengthy history of coffee. Discover the history of Yemini coffee and much more

Oceania - Coffee Hotspots

  • Australian Coffee and Culture

    Did you know that Australia is home to some of the greatest coffee ever? Find out why that is and where it all started.

  • Papuan Coffee and Culture

    Papua New Guinea is responsible for only 1% of the world's coffee, but the blends it produces are truly something to behold. 

Africa - Coffee Hotspots

  • Ethiopian Coffee and Culture

    A land of diverse landscape, history and world-renowned coffee, Ethiopia is the place where the coffee bean originated.

  • Arabian Coffee and Culture

    In Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa coffee has played a key role in nearly every aspect of the region’s culture. Find out more about Arabian coffee here.

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