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Valentine’s Coffee For Your Loved One

Valentine’s Coffee For Your Loved One

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Going on a date, especially a coffee date is an international love language and gesture. That’s why with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have come up with 5 of the most unique Valentine’s Day coffee-inspired date ideas. Whether you are trying to impress someone, or just trying to organise a special day for your partner, these Valentine’s coffee date ideas are sure to get the spark flying!

Valentine’s Day coffee date ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting, the expectation is flowers, chocolate or a fancy meal. However, this year we are challenging you to think outside the box and offer you some alternative ideas that are sure to impress and surprise your coffee-loving partner. So, here are our top 5 Valentine’s Day coffee date ideas.

1. A Boujee Valentine’s Coffee Date

Getting dressed up and feeling fancy is the way to girls, and guys’ hearts. So, organising and going for a Valentine’s Day morning coffee date allows just that! Get dressed up, head to your favourite coffee spot, and drink great-tasting coffee with your loved one.

2. A Valentine’s coffee picnic

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with going down to your local coffee shop and soaking up the café atmosphere. But there is also something about being outside in nature, with a warming cup of coffee that is perfect to share with your loved one. A coffee picnic date is a spontaneous way to make your partner feel that little extra bit special.

Picnics are also a great way to spend some much-needed one-on-one time with your partner, and the best part about Valentine’s Day coffee picnics, they can be anywhere! From the park, to your favourite hiking spot.

A Valentine’s coffee picnic

3. A date night with a coffee twist

Sometimes, for couples that have been together a long time, the novelty of a date can occasionally wear thin, which is why sometimes adding a bit of spontaneity, or choosing more of a comfortable setting, with a slight twist, works wonders for many couples.

So, why not surprise your special someone with a date night at home, with a cup of their favourite coffee, you can either make up yourself, or grab a cup from your local (their favourite) coffee shop.

4. Go to a café experience

Coffee isn’t just something to experience by sipping on a perfectly brewed cup, but there are so many other ways to enjoy it too. Think outside the standard café, even though they are great, why not take them to a local cat café, or any kind of animal café.

This is a great choice especially if you partner loves animals, combine the two and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day coffee date!

5. Coffee tasting, for two

Coffee tasting is a great activity for the two of you to take part in this Valentine’s Day. Not only will it allow your coffee-loving partner to experience new coffee flavours, but it may even help them choose their favourite coffee, which you can gift to them next Valentine’s Day!

What about long-distance relationships?
Whether you are near or far from your partner, there is a Valentine’s Day coffee gift for everyone. It can be difficult spending time away from your loved ones, especially if that means missing out on Valentine’s and other celebrations together. So, here are 2 ways you can still celebrate them as well as you relationship, from afar this Valentine’s Day.

The long-distance Valentines Coffee set
In today’s society, people are only ever a phone call away, which for some is what they rely on to remain in contact with the ones they love. But how can you gift them something special this Valentine’s Day?

Send them a Valentines Day Coffee gift set. This can be a mixture of their favourite coffee, and some coffee-inspired gifts, or just an at-home barista style kit. Make it personal to them, with a thoughtful note, and the gift will speak for itself!

A virtual Valentine’s Day coffee date
Now, more so than ever, online and virtual calls are a popular way to communicate with friends and family. So, how can you spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one virtually this year? Why not use it this Valentine’s Day to have a virtual coffee date with your partner.

Both of you can either pop down to your local café and call one another from there, or simply make, or buy your favourite coffee at home and have a virtual Valentine’s Day coffee date in the comfort of your own home. Switch off from the world for a few hours, whilst you talk about, catch up on and plan life with your other half.

There are plenty of coffee-inspired Valentine’s day dates that can be enjoyed for both new and matured couples, whether you like warm coffee beverages, or cold brew coffee, there is a date for any and all that share their common love for coffee.

Now, that is the end of our Valentine’s Day coffee date ideas, why not check out our article on Valentine’s Coffee gifts, next?

Coffee tasting, for two

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