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Best Coffee Festivals

Coffee isn’t just a beverage. It’s a way of life. It’s become a way for people to connect and share experiences, a way to bring people together from all around the world. This deep-rooted appreciation of coffee is something that many of us share, and what better way to embrace this love than by visiting a coffee festival and getting fully immersed into the culture and all that goes with it?

There are so many coffee events across the globe, some of which are hosted right here in the UK! So, whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a coffee shop owner, there’s something for just about everyone.

Best coffee festivals in the UK

If you’re not much of a traveller, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a wealth of coffee events, right in your own backyard. Keep reading to discover a few of our favourites…

London coffee festival

1. London Coffee Festival

Munch on street food and sip on coffee infused cocktails whilst you browse the art gallery and listen to live music in a celebration of the capital’s coffee scene. Featuring over 250 coffee and food stalls, samples and demonstrations from world-class baristas, you can be fully immersed into the world of coffee and come away with some new skills to boot.  

The London Coffee Festival also hosts the Coffee Masters competition, an exciting knockout battle where 16 baristas compete across a range of disciplines for £5,000 and the title of ‘Coffee Master’.

Glasgow coffee festival

2. Glasgow Coffee Festival

You may not think of Glasgow as a coffee capital, but this two-day event is set to prove you wrong. Showcasing the passion of the community with local cafes, roasters and baristas hosting demonstrations and talks, this coffee event is simply unmissable. And, Glasgow Coffee Festival has lots of competition to get involved in or observe too, including ones for latte artists, cuppers, baristas, brewers and roasters!

Birmingham coffee festival

3. Birmingham Coffee Festival

Showcasing the top 40 independent coffee shops both locally and further afield, Birmingham Coffee Festival is a must-go for budding baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Boasting unlimited samples of specialty coffee from around the world, you can sip to your heart’s content whilst local music artists provide the entertainment. To make this coffee event even better, it’s all set to the backdrop of Birmingham’s hipster hotspot, The Custard Factory.

Manchester coffee festival

4. Manchester Coffee Festival

Manchester is a city that is becoming ever more popular, and may not be associated that much with coffee culture, however, Manchester’s coffee festival is one of the most jam-packed 2-day coffee festivals in the country. With talks programmes, and panels full of insightful and cultural facts about coffee, the Manchester coffee festival showcases over 50 independent coffee shops, that are both local to Manchester and further afield. Take part in tasting sessions, music programmes and family fun, and enjoy the taste of specialty coffee.

Coffee events further afield

For coffee connoisseurs that endeavour to try as much of the world’s coffee as possible, why not make the most of your next holiday and stop by at an international coffee event? From Paris to South Africa, these festivals are not to be missed…

Paris cafe festival

1. Le Paris Café Festival

Known as the only major Parisian event exclusively dedicated to coffee, Le Paris Café Festival is a weekend of coffee celebration. Set up with the aim of promoting good coffee to as many people as possible, you’ll find some of finest brews you’ll ever encounter here.  

Home to the French Coffee Championships and featuring a learning lab with a variety of immersive experiences and workshops, you can try your hand at anything from latte art to roasting.


2. Melbourne International Coffee Expo

Hosting the World Barista Championships and World Brewers Cup, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo is essential for those that are serious about their brew. With around 100 competitors, the competition features coffee talent from around the world.  

It’s not all competition though, this coffee event also features a wealth of experiences for the public too. Pop by Roasters Alley, showcasing over 25 local and international roasters, and then discover where it comes from with a trip down Origin Alley. This event is the perfect place to increase your coffee knowledge and sample some of the finest brews from around the world.

Cape Town

3. Cape Town Coffee Festival

Experience a celebration of the African coffee culture at Cape Town Coffee Festival. Featuring a host of live experiences showcasing some of the latest coffee equipment and with exciting demos and workshops, this coffee event has something for everyone.  

You’ll get to sample some of Africa’s best coffees with brews from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, and receive the inside knowledge on how it’s made and what makes them taste so different. Then, as the day winds on, you can head over to the coffee cocktail bar and sample some of the most wonderful creations, infused with delicious coffee.

That’s our guide to the best coffee festivals and events around the world! Still looking to increase your coffee knowledge? Why not find out about all the different coffee types next?

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