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Originally from Spain’s Basque Country, the Cortado is a relative newcomer to the coffee scene. The term “cortado” means “to cut”, which refers to the way in which the milk cuts through the sharp intensity of the espresso. It makes it a much milder coffee, whilst still retaining its delicious coffee flavour. Because of its distinct taste, it is no wonder that so many want to be able to make it at home.

How to make a Cortado

How to make a Cortado

It’s never been easier to impress your guests with this coffee shop-style treat. What’s more, making great-tasting coffee has never been easier. Follow our simple steps below to learn how to make a cortado at home.


  • You will need 400ml of your favourite espresso coffee  

  • 40ml of steamed milk, or milk alternative  


  • Milk steamer


1. Measure out your ground espresso coffee  

2. Then make your espresso, and pour it into a 4-6oz coffee cup 

3. Steam your milk or milk alternative 

4. Pour the steamed milk over your espresso  

5. Finish off with a little milk foam on top (no thicker than a finger)

How to steam milk for coffee

There are three easy ways to steam milk at home, and not all of them require fancy equipment.

Steam your milk in the microwave

Steam your milk in the microwave

1. Pop your milk in a microwave-safe container or bowl.  

2. Heat the milk for around 20-30 seconds  

3. Check the temperature of your milk (if you have a thermometer) the milk should be 65 degrees Celsius. (If the milk is too cold, microwave for another 10 seconds) 

4. Pour the steamed milk into your freshly brewed coffee

Stove-top steamed milk

Stove-top steamed milk

1. Pop your milk into a small saucepan, and place on medium heat.  

2. Stir the milk gently until it reaches the optimal temperature. (65 degrees Celsius) This could take around 2-3 minutes.

3. Once the milk has come to the desired temperature, pour it into your coffee.

Use a Jar

Use a Jar

1. Fill up your jar with ¼ of your milk of choice.

2. Pop the jar in the microwave and heat for around 20-30 seconds.

3. Check the temperature of the milk, it should be 65 degrees Celsius.

4. Once the milk has reached temperature, shake the jar until the milk has the desired amount of froth.

5. Once you have achieved this, pour it into your coffee!


Want to make sure you are making the most of your at-home cortado? Why not try making it with the NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND instant espresso? It is a strong-tasting, rich and aromatic coffee which promises great lasting flavour for all coffee moments. Make your homemade cortado the feature of your dinner party with the help of NESCAFÉ.  

There you have it, that is the end of our guide on how to make a cortado coffee at home. If you want to up your barista skills, why not take a look at how to make a latte at home, next?



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