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What is craft coffee?

Craft coffee is centred around the craftsmanship behind the coffee in your cup. It is a relatively new term to emerge in the coffee industry and refers to the goal of making the highest quality coffee and must score over 80 on the Specialty Coffee Association scale. This includes its origins, the roasting process and how it’s brewed .


Many independent craft coffee shops have sprung up in recent years and they will roast coffee beans on-site, experimenting with bringing out different flavour characteristics to make a cup of black coffee taste even more distinctive.


Read more about craft coffee here.

Who is the Specialty Coffee Association?

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) is a non-profit, membership-based organisation that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world. The SCA have a strict practice of grading coffee and coffees must score above 80 out of 100 on this scale to be regarded by the industry as a specialty craft coffee.

What is NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee?

NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft coffee is a super premium coffee for people looking for a high-quality cup of coffee to enjoy at home. Our craft coffee is a collaboration with an independent coffee roastery to achieve a new level of instant coffee, scoring above 80 on the SCA coffee grading scale.


Our ‘Rise up’ blend is a collaboration with London-based Perky Blenders Roastery and is a vibrant and juicy blend, using high quality Ethiopian coffee beans.

Who are Grindsmith?

Grindsmith are a coffee roaster based in the heart of Manchester. They’re a speciality roastery who embody the city’s busy-bee ethos through innovation and have their beans imported from all around the world. We’re delighted to be collaborating with them on our instant craft coffee innovation.

Who are Perky Blenders?

Perky Blenders are a family run coffee roastery based in Leytonstone, East London. Their brand purpose is ‘great coffee for everyone’, and their branding is playful and vibrant, whilst building customer trust with high quality coffee in every cup.

What is a coffee roaster?

A coffee roaster plays an important role in creating great coffee. Coffee roasting refers to the process where green coffee beans are treated in order to produce the final roasted beans, but it can be quite a complex process. Depending on the size of the business producing the coffee, a coffee roaster may be involved in more than just the roasting process, including sourcing the coffee from wholesalers or directly from the coffee farms themselves.

What is the coffee blend used in NESCAFÉ AZERA Grindsmith Craft Coffee?

The final blend is made using carefully selected high quality Sidamo and Djimmah coffee beans from Ethiopia. Discover its delicious, vibrant and juicy taste and aroma with every sip.

What is the coffee blend used in NESCAFÉ AZERA Perky Blenders Craft Coffee?

The final blend is made using carefully selected high quality Sidamo and Djimmah coffee beans from Ethiopia. Discover its delicious, vibrant and juicy taste and aroma with every sip. 

Why is NESCAFÉ AZERA collaborating with independent coffee roasters?

NESCAFÉ Azera are proud to work with the highly credible local craft roaster, London based Perky Blenders.


Perky Blenders really stood out to us due to their excellent fit with our NESCAFE AZERA brand.


Perky Blenders are a family formed coffee roaster, operating out of their Leytonstone roastery, bringing specialty coffee to everyone.

Why should I try NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee?

NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee brings craft coffee home with the UK and Ireland's first ever instant craft coffee developed in partnership with Perky Blenders. Combining the two worlds of instant and craft coffee, we have created something truly spectacular.


We partnered together to make coffee history by developing an instant coffee blend with all the quality you would find in your local coffee shop.

How do I make a coffee using NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee?

You just need to follow 3 simple steps:


  1. Add 1 heaped teaspoon (1.8g) into your favourite mug. 
  2. Pour in 200ml of hot (85°C - not boiling) water. 
  3. Enjoy your instant craft coffee.
Where can I buy NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee?

You’ll be able to find NESCAFÉ AZERA Perky Blenders Craft Coffee instore and online in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Co-op.

Is NESCAFÉ AZERA Craft Coffee a limited edition product?

We are planning for this to be a permanent coffee in our NESCAFÉ range. We look forward to receiving your feedback and will incorporate ideas for future instant craft coffees.

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