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Coffee and Travel

Coffee enriches any adventure. There’s no better way to travel than by paying a visit to independent coffee shops and sampling the different coffee flavours of the world. Not only is it a truly great experience to sample the various takes on the beverage, but coffee shops are at the heart of many cultures, offering a great opportunity to really learn about the locals and their way of life. With all this in mind, why not plan your next trip centred around coffee?

We’ve got guides to some of the coffee hotspots of the world and what to expect from each. Read on and find out which destinations you’ll be adding to your bucket list.



Coffee Hotspots around the world

  • Brazilian Coffee and Culture

    Brazil is widely known for their huge impact in the coffee world, but did you know that it's a big part of daily life too?

  • Colombian Coffee and Culture

    Famous for its rich heritage, and diverse landscapes, Colombia is home to some of the world’s most specialty coffee.

  • Cuban Coffee and Culture

    The Cuban coffee culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. Rather than a simple pick-me-up, the beverage is commonly seen as a way to bring people together, to gossip with neighbours over, or to sip whilst catching up with friends and family.

  • French Coffee and Culture

    French coffee has its own reputation. Whilst not as infamous as Italian coffee, drinking coffee in France is still very much an important part of the daily routine.

  • Italian Coffee and Culture

    Italian coffee is world renowned for its superior taste, but drinking it in the coffee capital is a very different experience to your humble cup of Joe in Britain.

  • Turkish Coffee and Culture

    Turkish coffee has been a huge part of the country's culture for centuries, and the coffee they create is far different from your average brew.