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  • NESCAFÉ Smoovlatté

NESCAFÉ Smoovlatté


Discover a uniquely smooth coffee experience with NESCAFÉ Smoovlatte, one of our hugely popular cold, on-the-go beverages. Enjoy the perfect balance of silky smooth milk and great tasting coffee in a convenient, resealable bottle.



Savour the deliciously silky taste of NESCAFÉ Smoovlatte. Indulge yourself with this unique cold coffee combining a creamy premium coffee taste with a delicate aroma you’ll want to last forever. Grab it on the go and savour delicious cold coffee anytime, anywhere!

Our NESCAFÉ roasters are no strangers to creating silky smooth excellence. Using only the highest quality coffee beans from the finest coffee growing regions in the world, our experts roast and grind the beans before carefully blending them to create this rich, creamy cold coffee. A unique mix of instant coffee, silky smooth skimmed milk and sugar, this delectable iced coffee is a moment of irresistible indulgence.

  • Silky smooth ready-to-drink milky coffee
  • Made with instant coffee, skimmed milk and sugar
  • Convenient resealable bottle make it easy to take a moment and enjoy on the go
  • Responsibly grown through sustainable farming practices


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