Coffee is loved the whole world over, but if we’re not careful and respectful, we could be left with empty cups. Climate change, crop diseases, water shortages and people leaving farms for cities, all threaten the future of coffee. That’s why we invest more in sustainable coffee production than any other coffee brand. Today, we’re seeing generations of proud, resilient coffee farming families, workers and communities around the world, rediscover their passion for growing coffee.

At NESCAFÉ, we’ve been building respectful relationships with our farmers for more than 80 years. The world needs a plan to help coffee continue to thrive, and we’ve got one. It’s called Grown Respectfully.

Working together to make futures better

NESCAFÉ helps farmers, communities and the planet, to ensure that our coffee is Grown Respectfully. We respect farmers by helping them grow healthier, disease-resistant, better quality coffee, which in turn, increases their incomes. We respect communities by creating opportunities for younger generations to continue their farming heritage and not leave for city prospects. And we respect our planet by creating new farming techniques that protect and conserve natural resources.

  • farmer
    Improving lives and livelihoods
  • communities
    Better prospects and opportunities
  • Planet
    Protecting the environment
Same space, more trees

Plantlets in Indonesia


Farmer friends in Vietnam

Bringing coffee to China

New frontiers in China


Empowering women, changing lives

Three amigos grow better trees

Farming in grandpa’s footsteps

Our impact and commitments

Grown Respectfully is the largest coffee sustainability program in the world, in terms of volume of Responsibly Sourced coffee and reach of farmer programs. We’re committed to invest 350 million CHF between 2010 and 2020 as part of our plan to help farmers, communities and the planet. In 2017, we received nearly 460,000 metric tonnes of Responsibly Sourced coffee, 54% of our total global volume – making us the largest user of Responsibly Sourced green coffee. Here are a few of our objectives to reach by 2020:


More Responsibly Sourced coffee

220 Million

Distribution of coffee plantlets


Improving coffee farm economics


Improving labour rights


Reducing GHG emission and water withdrawal


Zero waste for disposable


How do you bring respect into the world?

Here’s how others have been respecting the planet, communities and each other. Get involved and share your stories of respect with us! #nescafe #WRWG