É by NESCAFÉ® is the next generation coffee device for life on the go. A light, trendy and compact coffee machine in the shape of a mug. This all in-one product combines the convenience of a coffee maker and to-go coffee mug with bluetooth connectivity to revolutionise your daily coffee experience. 
Easily controlled through the NESCAFÉ® É Connected Mug app, É perfectly prepares your favourite coffee every single time. Whether it’s a hot and frothy cappuccino, a cool creamy iced coffee or an espresso with an exotic twist, É® makes it for you. The smartphone-connected coffee-making mug works with most NESCAFÉ products: NESCAFÉ Classic, NESCAFÉ Gold, NESCAFÉ Azera and NESCAFÉ 3in1.
With its thermal insulation, É lets you enjoy a wide range of consistently high quality hot and cold coffees designed to your personal taste.

  • É by NESCAFÉ®
Machine Features

É by NESCAFÉ®, all-in-one coffee maker and travel mug

Heating and frothing
Compatible with wide variety of NESCAFÉ soluble products Wide variety of indulgent coffee recipes (milk or water) Prepares coffee in 60-90 seconds and silently 100% leak and spill proof Double Wall Thermal insulation keeps your drink warm Bluetooth connectivity Pairs with the É app for personalised recipes and easy connectivity


Item Weight 950g
Mug Weight 500g
Max capacity 210ml
Servings  Single Serve
Product Dimensions 14cm (H) x 24cm (D) x 10cm (W)
Temperature Range 20°C to 60°C
Power 220-240v 50/60Hz, 600w
Easy to Use Yes
Product Compatibility NESCAFÉ Classic, NESCAFÉ Gold, NESCAFÉ Azera, NESCAFé Mixes
Material Plastic exterior, Internal metal jug
Colour Black
Box Contains: Mug, docking station, user manual, spoon, safety leaflet

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