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Did you know that NESCAFÉ invented the Frappé?

In 1957, at the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece, a NESCAFÉ employee accidentally created the most iconic version of an iced coffee, the Frappé.

During a break, he was preparing a cup of coffee, but couldn't find any hot water. So instead, our ingenious rep Dimitris Vakondios mixed the instant coffee granules with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker and voilà... the NESCAFÉ Frappé was born.

It exploded all over Greece, and for years was referred to as a "NESCAFÉ Frappé" when being ordered by coffee lovers. Since then, it's taken over the world - but its beginnings were with NESCAFÉ, and it's a part of our history we're incredibly proud of.
Person holding a cup and NESCAFÉ product next to a bucket of ice cubes