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Coffee gifts

13 DIY Coffee Gift Ideas

If you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, when it comes to gift-giving occasions it’s easy to purchase something like a voucher or gift card. But did you know there’s a whole bunch of fantastic tutorials out there for DIY coffee gifts which are straightforward and relatively simple to follow?

We’ve put together this list of our favourite DIY gifts for coffee lovers for birthdays, Christmas and all occasions in between that include everything from personalised coasters to DIY coffee gift basket ideas.

1. Creative coasters

Every coffee lover needs coasters to pop their mug on, so this could be a great DIY coffee gift. You could create personalised ones with photos on or even use maps of locations that are special to your giftee.

Alternatively, you could try buying some plain cork coasters and getting crafty with paint pens, or if you’re handy with a pair of needles, have a go at crocheting some coasters or knitting them, the possibilities are endless!

Creative Coasters

2. Delicious smelling coffee soap

If you know someone that loves the smell of coffee so much that they’d like to cover themselves in it, why not have a go at making your own coffee soap?

Soap Queens have a great tutorial that tells you all about how to make this DIY gift for coffee lovers and it’s easier than you might have believed! This soap recipe uses coffee seed oil which is extracted from roasted coffee beans and it smells utterly fantastic. What’s more, you can even make a whole loaf of the soap, so there’s plenty to give to all your friends and family too.

Coffee Soap

3. Coffee body scrub with only 3 ingredients

Aside from being completely delicious, coffee is also amazing at exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, whilst also being very nourishing for dry skin, all at once! Surprisingly, coffee body scrub is super easy to make at home and Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen have a great recipe that uses just three ingredients, most of which you’ll likely already have in the cupboard!

Once you’ve made your coffee body scrub, pop it in a mason jar, add a ribbon and a personalised label as the perfect finishing touches for this DIY coffee gift.

Coffee Body Scrub

4. Reusable coffee cup sleeve

A reusable coffee sleeve makes the perfect DIY coffee lover gift for those that are environmentally conscious. Not only does this idea reduce waste that goes with throwaway single use sleeves, but it’s also a great way to add a touch of personal style to their daily cup as you can choose a pattern that best fits your giftee.

Crafty Staci has an easy tutorial for creating adorable reusable and reversable coffee cup sleeves which also includes a free sleeve pattern that you can print and use!

Coffee Sleeve

5. Coffee tea cup candle

Making your own candles is a really easy craft to do and all you need are soy wax flakes, dye, fragrance oil, wax adhesive, a candle wick and a container of your choice for this DIY coffee gift.

We love this guide by Simply Stacie for a caramel latte tea cup candle which uses a coffee mug as a container for an extra special touch. The best bit is that you can use whatever cup you want, so you could opt for a personalised mug, a mug that features your giftees favourite TV show or whatever best represents them!

Coffee Candle

6. Simply tasty coffee treats

There’s no better homemade gift than cookies or cakes, so why not give one of our coffee recipes a go? It’s easier than you could believe to create these DIY gifts for coffee lovers and they’re made with instant coffee so you can use your favourite blend.

Once you’ve made your coffee treats, you can pop them in a cute tin or add them in as an extra for a larger DIY coffee gift basket.

Coffee Recipes

7. Coffee BBQ spice rub

If the person you’re creating a DIY coffee gift for doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, a BBQ spice rub could be a great idea. For The Love of Cooking have an amazing rub recipe which is the perfect addition to BBQ meats like steaks, pork and ribs. The best part is that it’s super simple to create and uses ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard, so it’s ideal as a last-minute gift.

Coffee Rub

8. Instant coffee mixes

Perfect for the friend that’s always on the go or as a Christmas stocking filler, instant coffee mixes are easy to make and can be personalised to your giftees unique tastes. All Free Crafts have some great ideas for creating these instant coffee mixes which includes everything from cappuccinos, mochas and there’s even label suggestions too, so it really doesn’t get any easier than this DIY coffee gift!

Instant Coffee Mixes

9. Personalised coffee mug

Want to add a truly personal touch to your DIY coffee gift? Then why not have a go at creating a personalised coffee mug for that someone special? Glued to my Crafts have a great guide for even the less crafty people as it involves Sharpie and scrapbook letter stickers.

Alternatively, if you’re confident in your art skills, you could even try purchasing some ceramic or porcelain paints and having a go at painting your own design on a coffee cup!

Personalised Mug

10. DIY coffee gift basket

If you just can’t pick what to create, why not have a go at creating your own DIY coffee gift basket? You could fill it with all the previously mentioned goodies alongside some NESCAFÉ Original sachets for a truly wonderful and personalised gift. You could create a smaller DIY coffee gift hamper in a mason jar or cappuccino mug or a bigger one in a basket that’s bursting to the brim, full of coffee goodies!

DIY Coffee Gift Basket

11. Homemade coffee syrups


Do you have a friend with a sweet tooth? Or maybe you have a family member that cannot ever have a coffee without that little extra sweetness. Well, with homemade coffee syrups, not only can they enjoy the sweetness from the comfort of their own home, but can also enjoy a lovely DIY coffee gift courtesy of you! There are some great recipes for all sorts of coffee syrups on yummly!

12. Coffee candles


DIY coffee candles are the way to many people’s hearts. And what is a better gift than giving the gift of great-smelling coffee? Candles are great gifts for people that you might not be as close to s family or friends. Or they are a great alternative when you’re struggling for a gift idea for someone. Just Coffee Coop has a great coffee candle recipe.

13. Personalised Blend


If you are a coffee connoisseur and you want to give your friends and family the ultimate DIY coffee gift, then why not make your own coffee blend and gift it to them in their own personalised bag? Each individual has their favourite coffee, flavour and texture, so why not get inspired and give them their own personalised, delicious coffee blend this year? Liquid line have a great step-by-step guide to making your own at-home blend.

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