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Supporting climate resilient farming

You’re only as big as your smallest partner

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Supporting climate resilient farming

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NESCAFÉ field programs help farmers gain the edge they need to flourish. In Honduras, we helped farmers dry their coffee beans using solar power. These solar dryers cost almost nothing to operate and help farmers to produce better quality. Dry beans preserve their quality for longer, giving farmers more time to negotiate a better price and decide the best moment to sell. Thanks to solar dryers, farmers in Honduras were able to get 10% higher prices, proving that even the simplest change can make a real difference.

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To succeed as a coffee farmer, it helps to grow more than just coffee. Over 200 NESCAFÉ agronomists encourage farmers to diversify their farms with a technique called intercropping. Simply by planting different crops on the same parcel, farmers can improve soil quality, increase yields, control pests, and help to create more sources of income. With enhanced intercropping techniques, each crop can support the other, combining shade and organic soil content. Smart intercropping helps reduce the need for pesticides and enhances biodiversity. On a healthy farm, every plant counts and can help farmers grow bigger and better.

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Growing the great quality beans that make your perfect cup is only part of the battle for farmers. To succeed, farmers also need the skills to run their farms as a healthy business. NESCAFÉ helps farmers access  business knowledge that aims at instilling a spirit of agripreneurship. Prompting farmers to keep better records helps them to have a clear financial picture and to make smarter decisions on their farm. As productivity grows, farmers see the financial benefits of sustainable farming because doing good is good business.

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NESCAFÉ wants to help make farmers more resilient with knowledge, tools and technology. By 2030, we aim to have more than 100,000 farmers in Mexico, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Colombia, and Honduras enrolled in our smallholder resilience program. From learning more regenerative farming techniques to gaining better business knowledge, NESCAFÉ believes that when farmers do well communities thrive.

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