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Sustainability Tips

Small gestures can have a bigger impact that what you think. Multiplied by millions of coffee drinkers, every cup (or travel mug) becomes an opportunity to help make a difference. Discover our top sustainability tips below that can help reduce your environmental impact.

Tip 1: A Smarter Way To Takeaway

Reduce waste and save money by filing a reusable travel mug with your favorite NESCAFÉ® coffee before you leave the house. Treat yourself to a coffee break on the move!

Tip 2: Brew Without Boiling

The best temperature for NESCAFÉ® is hot, not boiling and we recommend 176 ºF. It makes for better flavor and uses less energy. Did you know boiling a whole kettle three times a day uses approximately 110kWh of electricity a year? By heating water to just 176 ºF each time, you could save 22kWh each year, enough to power a 50” LED TV for 1,375 hours! Next time you heat water, take it off the boil just as the bubbles appear. It makes a better cup and helps reduce impact on the environment.

Tip 3: A Better Tomorrow is in Your Hands

It might take a small extra step, but recycling can makes a difference. Did you know that your NESCAFÉ® Clásico™ and NESCAFÉ® Taster's Choice® jars and caps are recyclable? So, when it comes to recycling, a little really can go a long way. Please check the instructions on each pack for the best ways to recycle your favorite NESCAFÉ® products.

Making a Difference for You, Coffee Communities and Our World