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Coffee Origins

The Story of NESCAFÉ®

NESCAFÉ® graces shelves and counters across the globe, serving as the go-to inspiration, whether you kick off your day solo or with friends. The globally cherished rich taste creates a sense of NESCAFÉ® always being a part of the coffee scene. But, it wasn't always this way—NESCAFÉ®’s story is as inspiring as the first sip of a great cup of coffee.


Why Instant Coffee?

In 1929, Louis Dapples, Chairman of Nestlé's Board of Directors, received a unique request from Brazil. They needed help tackling the surplus of coffee beans and wanted Nestlé to create a quick coffee solution that minimized waste during harvests. The initial plan was a cube-shaped coffee tablet, just add hot water for an instant brew. Yet, despite extensive research, the tablet couldn't capture the iconic flavor needed. Facing this setback, chemist Max Morgenthaler went back to the drawing board to devise an alternative solution.

Say Hello to NESCAFÉ®

Morgenthaler had an idea—making coffee in powder form instead of cubes. He discovered that adding carbohydrates preserved the flavor, creating a taste similar to coffee beans. After seven years of development, NESCAFÉ® was launched in Switzerland. The new product became an instant hit, selling out yearly reserves in just 2 months. By 1940, NESCAFÉ® was available in over 30 countries worldwide, marking the exciting beginning of the NESCAFÉ® story.

In the early 2000s, NESCAFÉ® started its quest to become one of the world's most sustainable coffee brands. This led to the introduction of the first-ever Fairtrade certified NESCAFÉ® Partners Blend in 2005.

Brewing Up History

During World War II, NESCAFÉ® instant coffee became part of the emergency rations for every US soldier. After the war in 1945, NESCAFÉ® was included in CARE packages for people in need across Europe and Japan, marking a crucial moment in NESCAFÉ® history.

Advancing Competition

As the product gained popularity, competitors naturally entered the scene. To stay ahead, NESCAFÉ® kept innovating. In the early 1950s, a breakthrough occurred—the flavor-preserving carbohydrates, once in glucose solution, were found to be directly extractable from the coffee bean. This discovery led to a significantly richer product.