Great Coffee Since 1938

Take a stroll with us down memory lane and see our highlights throughout history.

Revolutionary Cup

A Nestlé coffee specialist was on a mission to create a delicious cup of coffee by just adding water. In 1938 it happened.

Instant Success!

This 1930s Swiss newspaper ad spoke to the speed and ease of making NESCAFÉ. And it caught on. NESCAFÉ was an instant success.

The Founding Factory

Our factory in Orbe, Switzerland from 1959. This factory has been with us from the start.

A Classier Container

In 1961, we launched our very first glass jar in Japan. It was a huge success and helped position NESCAFÉ as a premium product.

Coffee Grown Respectfully

We're here to help coffee lovers everywhere. So we created the NESCAFÉ Plan. It's a way to help coffee farmers make a better living, support local communities and inspire the next generation of farmers. The big idea–help the earth and its people.