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Entrepreneurship programs with NESCAFÉ

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Entrepreneurship programs with NESCAFÉ

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For many, coffee isn’t just a beloved drink, it’s an artform. NESCAFÉ wants to inspire the creative minds of aspiring young connoisseurs with the training to become professional baristas. Focusing on Latin American markets, training covers all aspects of running a coffee shop, from basic hygiene rules to machine maintenance, equipment layout, service standards and even etiquette. NESCAFÉ can help increase their coffee knowledge and help boost their business with new recipes and ideas. With the Nestlé Young Baristas program, NESCAFÉ can help fuel culture and creativity and help make the coffee world a little brighter.

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NESCAFÉ doesn’t just make coffee, it helps to create opportunities. In Cameroon, NESCAFÉ doesn’t only promote entrepreneurship among the youth it makes NESCAFÉ products more accessible to consumers. The “My Own Business” program known locally as, MYOWBU, is a 10-year-old initiative in central and west Africa responsible for creating 135 jobs made up of 124 sales operators and 11 kitchen operators specialising in businesses that sell hot drinks. Open to any young and dynamic Cameroonian aged 18 and up, NESCAFÉ offers commercial equipment and management tips to kitchen operators. Thanks to MYOWBU, NESCAFÉ is helping to create opportunities for those with a coffee dream of their own.

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Group of people with NESCAFÉ coffee stands

Meet Comfort Dorkutso, a Cameroonian woman who is no stranger to hard work. To help her family, she had to leave school early to find a job. The only position available was as a door-to-door revenue collector, a difficult job. In 2013, Comfort noticed the coffee vendors in Accra walking through a bustling crowd wearing bright red t-shirts and selling NESCAFÉ to stall owners, pedestrians and even drivers in traffic. She later learned that many of these sellers were independent small business owners and she wanted to do the same. Comfort now earns enough so she can afford to rent a small apartment on her own, and help her family. With NESCAFÉ as a business, Comfort’s dreams became a reality and hopefully will never stop growing.

Entrepreneurship program for coffee shops

NESCAFÉ knows that even the smallest coffee shop can be a source of good business. In towns and cities across Mexico, small coffee kiosks are an integral part of daily life. NESCAFÉ will reach out to small coffee shop or kiosk owners and offer to invest in their business and convert it to a NESCAFÉ site. By partnering with a trusted global brand like NESCAFÉ,  average sales increased by 170%* in 2022! So far, NESCAFÉ has helped entrepreneurs in up to 51 stores with plans to scale up in the next few years. It’s just a small way NESCAFÉ can offer its help.

*In 2022, in Mexico, the average throughput per machine in non-cobranded places was 27 cups, while machines in co-branded environments had a throughput of 73 cups.

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