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Coffee Types Explained

We’re a nation of coffee lovers, but when it comes to trying something new, our taste buds often prefer to stick to what we know and love. But, by staying to what you know, there’s a world of coffee experiences you could be missing out on.

At NESCAFÉ, we know that straying from your treasured brew can be a little daunting, which is why we’ve put together these series of guides explaining different coffee types, so you can go in, fully clued up on what you might enjoy. From creamy cappuccinos to strong americanos, you never know which type you discover might become your new favourite…

Different coffee types

Explore a world of coffee experiences

  • What is a Latte?

    The latte is a frothy coffee that's cherished all over the world, but what is a latte, where does it come from and what makes it so unique?

  • What is a Cappuccino?

    The cappuccino is the UK's second favourite coffee, but what is a cappuccino and what makes it so different from other coffee types?

  • What is an Americano?

    The americano is often mistaken for just a standard black coffee, but it's so much more than that

  • What is an Espresso?

    Espresso forms the base of many coffee beverages, but exactly what is an espresso & what makes it different to others?

  • What is a Mocha?

    Deliciously sweet, nutty and chocolatey. Find out what is a mocha, where it came from & how it's different.

  • What is a Macchiato?

    An espresso coffee drink, topped with a small amount of foamed milk to enable the espresso taste to shine through.

  • What is an iced coffee?

    On a hot summer's day, is there anything better than sipping on an iced coffee? Exactly what is an iced coffee & how do you make them?