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Respect for the environment isn’t just one person’s responsibility – it’s a chain. We care about how we grow, make and package our coffee, you care about how you dispose of the packaging… but what happens to it after that? 

We want 100% of our packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2025.

We’re making our new packs easier to recycle. Our new mono-structure sachets use just one type of plastic so they’re designed for recycling, yet they keep your coffee just as fresh as before.

We’re also working on new sustainable packaging solutions to prevent landfills. After all, when we put this much respect into our coffee, it’s only natural to have respect for the environment around it, too.



Recycling made easier

Enjoy more stories of Respect

  • Coffee’s in our blood

    We’ve been working with Mexican coffee farmers for a long time – sometimes we’re partnering with the grandchildren of the first farmers we helped.

  • We never give up on a coffee-growing country

    Our coffee is grown in some of the toughest, poorest parts of the world. But it’s also a positive livelihood that helps our partner farmers feed their families. So we know we have a duty to stick with it and our farmers.

  • We’re putting less water in our coffee

    Our coffee is often grown in places where water’s scarce, so we’re helping our farmers get smarter with how they use it. Coffee’s important – but water conservation is vital!

  • We believe in ‘reinjarnation’

    The jar in your hand may have had a previous life. Glass can be infinitely recyclable, and every tonne of recycled glass used saves 670 kg of CO2.

  • Let’s get to work on plastic waste

    The great taste of NESCAFÉ has been powering our busy days – if we use sustainable coffee cups that cause less plastic waste, then we’ll all be working for the good of the environment too.