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Ahh, the glory days of West Africa’s Côte d’Ivoire, when its full-bodied robusta coffee was drunk all around the world, savoured in stylish French cafés and bustling Moroccan souks. 

Sadly, due to civil war and poverty, Ivorian coffee production has been in decline in recent decades – farmers haven’t been able to adopt the latest coffee growing skills that make modern farms thrive. Coffee as a crop was in danger of dying out there.

But we never give up on a coffee-growing region. So, since 2012, we’ve been working with Rainforest Alliance and the next generation of Ivorian farmers to kickstart the Côte’s big comeback. We’ve provided them with new, even more robust robusta varieties to grow, and helped them renovate their existing trees to keep them thriving. 

Even though our coffee is sometimes grown in some of the toughest, poorest parts of Latin America, Asia and Africa, we always stick with it, and with our partner farmers. Unlike many other coffee brands, NESCAFÉ is local. Our factory is in the Côte d’Ivoire, our team is Ivorian… and the farmers are our best customers!

So the next time you make a NESCAFÉ, savour that robust flavour and pat yourself on the back. With every sip you’re helping keep coffee alive in the Côte d’Ivoire and many other places… just like us.



It’s not just a job – we’re in coffee for life

solar-dried beans

Our farming experts visited 80% of Ivorian partner farmers more than twice in 2019.
As corroborated by the Rainforest Alliance:

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