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If you love the taste of our coffee, that makes us very happy indeed. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we’re always thinking in the long term of ways to make coffee plants better suited to our changing climate. 

We’re committed to breeding easier-to-grow and more disease-resistant coffee trees which produce even more flavoursome beans. We then distribute them around the world to boost the crops of coffee growers (we’ve given out 210 million plantlets so far). 
But coffee breeding isn’t a career for people with short attention spans. It takes about 15 years to create new elite varieties, then it takes another five more years of testing the trees in the places where they’ll grow to make sure they’ll thrive in the local conditions. It’s worth the wait, though – so far we’ve released 10 new delicious arabica varieties and five new robusta ones. It’s a continuous process of innovation and improvement. Ongoing trials will continue to deliver more deliciousness in the coming years.

So the next time you enjoy the flavour of our instant coffee, raise a cup to our coffee breeders – they’re in this for the long haul.



Seconds to make, 15 years to breed

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