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Train, bus, cycle, or skateboard – we’re all doing our bit to drive down our emissions on the way to work. But have you considered your lowly coffee cup in the whole environmental mix? We’d all like to use fewer disposable cups in our daily lives – so here’s a couple of suggestions to help you cut down and use more sustainable coffee cups.

On your way into work, a simple solution to sustainable commuting is to swap your takeaway cup for a delicious flask of homemade NESCAFÉ. It takes just minutes out of your morning routine to tailor-make your coffee exactly the way you like it in a NESCAFÉ Smart Flask – it’s not called ‘instant’ coffee for nothing! This way, there’s less waste and nothing to recycle (except our recyclable packaging). Plus, if you do this for just a few days a week, you may find yourself saving a little extra cash into the bargain!

Once you’re at work, a great way of cutting down on plastic cups is to take a mug in with you to use whenever you want a cup of coffee. Tell your colleagues what you’re doing and spread the word – sustainability, like NESCAFÉ, is even better when it’s shared.

The great taste of NESCAFÉ has been powering our busy working day for decades – but if we can do it with less plastic waste, then we’ll all be working for the good of the environment, too.



Commuting sustainably? Take our great taste with you

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